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View calls as part of your campaign reporting

Share phone call lead information between Marketo and CallTrackingMetrics

One of the leading marketing automation services, Marketo streamlines the workflow required to create, manage and optimize campaigns across publishers and segments, providing reduction in time spent on campaign management. It’s used by thousands of businesses around the world.

By integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Marketo, you can see the phone calls coming from various marketing channels in Marketo in conjunction with your other campaign conversion and interaction data.

How does the integration work?

Phone calls are critical to track to understand the true performance of marketing campaigns. CallTrackingMetrics starts by providing tracking phone numbers to track all of your various advertising channels. Phone numbers are available in 80 countries in local or toll-free formats.

As calls come into those numbers, they are associated to the correct advertising channel and through the integration with Marketo, they can be sent into Marketo as a lead.

Key Features:

  • Direct connection between the two systems using API role allows for easy, instant setup.
  • Set up parameters to only send calls over a certain duration as leads.
  • As calls come in, they will appear in Marketo associated to the correct lead.
  • Leads are cross-referenced with calls and associated website visit using email address and Munchkin ID to ensure an exact match.
  • In CallTrackingMetrics, each call will have direct link to the lead in Marketo for easy switching back and forth between systems.
  • The creation of one or more custom objects in Marketo allows CallTrackingMetrics to share additional details about each call.
  • Customize the information that is sent into Marketo for each call by custom mapping fields of data from CallTrackingMetrics to fields associated with your custom object(s) in Marketo. For example, you could send the agent name, spotted keywords, call recording link, or visitor IP address with your call details into Marketo.

The integration can be set up in minutes and offers a variety of ways to customize the sync of information to ensure that you are able to get a real sense of how your campaigns are performing and drill into the detail you need about your calls.