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Bolster your support teams by syncing call and ticket data with Zendesk.


Use our software to gather data from your conversations and contacts, then send that data to your Zendesk account for a comprehensive view of your customer service.

When you integrate your CallTrackingMetrics account with Zendesk, you’ll be able to create and update your tickets directly from the call log. If your customer service teams provide support over the phone, they’ll be able to access Zendesk data without leaving the CallTrackingMetrics platform. With the time saved from not switching back and forth between windows, your team will be able to resolve issues more quickly, while enhancing their level of service thanks to access to historical client data.   

The integration allows you to:

  • Automatically sync Zendesk contacts with your contacts in CallTrackingMetrics, and view their Zendesk ticket history inside the call log
  • Create new tickets in Zendesk directly from the CallTrackingMetrics call log, complete with a custom subject and description
  • Easily search through Zendesk tickets from within the CallTrackingMetrics platform, using custom search criteria
  • Map your CallTrackingMetrics agents and fields to matching criteria inside Zendesk, allowing for real-time updates across both platforms

When you integrate Zendesk with CallTrackingMetrics, your agents will be able to search through tickets directly inside the call log, based on custom criteria such as keyword, phone number, account ID, etc. Thanks to highly granular settings options, it’s possible to map just about any field in CallTrackingMetrics to fields inside of Zendesk, allowing for automatic, constant updating across both platforms. Your customers can even generate Zendesk tickets through powerful, versatile online forms with our FormReactor tool! 

This integration is available to users of our Contact Center plan.  Click here to learn how to check or upgrade your current subscription. It also requires an account with Zendesk. If you meet these requirements, you can learn how to set up the Zendesk integration here.

Wondering if our integration with Zendesk could benefit your organization? Contact us today to speak with a member of our team, and learn more.