FranConnect Integration

CallTrackingMetrics' integration with FranConnect

FranConnect provides franchise management software to more than 600 franchisors and 110,000 franchisees. It includes features like Franchising Built­InTM — functionality and best-practices for the entire franchise lifecycle – so that franchises can effectively manage, track and run their businesses.

CallTrackingMetrics' integration with FranConnect provides call data to franchises in the context of all their franchise tracking and reporting so that they can track call volume and call quality across their organization and franchisee by franchisee. It includes options for sending calls with our without call recordings for security reasons.

In addition to FranConnect call syncing, CallTrackingMetrics provides a number of features perfect for franchises:

  • GeoContact allows a business to dynamically replace the phone number on their website based on the visitor's geographic location. Visitors will see the phone number of the franchise closest to them without having to search.
  • GeoRouting­ — If your business has multiple locations, geographic routing allows you to automatically route the call to the location that's most relevant to the caller. Geographic routing is particularly useful for franchise organizations who wish to have one central toll-free or vanity number that calls come into, while behind the scenes the calls are routed to the correct franchise. It gives the franchisor control over the routing and provides reporting for calls being sent across the entire network of franchisees.
  • Master/Sub Account Structure­ Franchisors may want to have a master account that has visibility over sub accounts for each Franchisee. Each sub­account can have its own set of users with unique user permissions. Tracking numbers can then be purchased within each sub­account to track the traditional and online advertising campaigns for each franchisee.