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Google Lead Form Extensions

Bring your lead forms into CallTrackingMetrics alongside your other activities

Google’s lead form extensions help you generate leads quickly and effectively by letting people submit their information in a form directly within your ad.

CallTrackingMetrics’ integration with Google’s Lead Form Extensions allows (CTM) customers to bring your lead form data into the Activity Log alongside other activities such as calls, texts and chats.

Leverage this integration to:

  • Capture attribution data (such as the GCLID) inside of CTM
  • Add the lead activity to a list
  • Add the lead to inbound & outbound smart routers
  • Enroll the lead into a text message campaign

As an added benefit, you can build triggers around these activities to enhance workflows by:

  • Sending the original form and attribution data automatically into your CRM platform
  • Automatically scoring and/or applying custom tags


For additional information on how to set up this integration, view our knowledge base article.