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Track your ad campaign performance with Offline Conversions Import from Microsoft Advertising

Connect Offline Conversions back to Search Ads

Offline Conversion Import allows Microsoft advertisers with offline sales from online leads to connect their conversions back to the original search ads that users interacted with along the way. This helps advertisers build a more complete view of their campaign impact across both online and offline channels. While CTM could always attribute search data to phone calls from Microsoft Advertising using utm_* tagging, we can now send conversion data into the ads platform, through this new click ID.

This works by appending a Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) to ad URLs which can then be captured as a user visits your website. When the customer decides to make a phone call on your site, it will automatically associate the click ID with that call. Then, if the customer completes any purchase offline with an agent, you can connect the conversion back to the click ID and import it into Microsoft Advertising as a Conversion Event. After importing your offline conversions into Microsoft Advertising, you’ll be able to view them across all campaign performance reporting that includes conversion data.

Additionally, CTM uses the API connection with Microsoft to provide more advanced attribution to your call data, including capturing the Campaign ID, Ad Group Name and ID, Keyword ID, and Match Type. This allows data from CallTrackingMetrics to integrate better with third-party optimization tools such as Kenshoo and Marin software.

CTM also integrates with Bing’s Call Extensions to provide Ad Group-level attribution. (Currently, Microsoft Advertising does not support keyword-level attribution.) Learn more about Microsoft’s offline conversion import tool.

This integration is currently available in all plans.