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Track calls down to the keyword level as conversions

Calls Are a Critical Part of Your Ads Optimization

CallTrackingMetrics matches a paid click to each caller, providing insight on metrics like:



Keyword Searched

Source & Medium

Landing Page URL

Combining CallTrackingMetrics and Google Ads allows marketers to track and attribute phone calls as conversions in Ads up to 90 days after the click took place. This ensures that credit is received and attributed for every call generated from Ads marketing efforts, while at the same time adding an extra layer of tracking.

Call Tracking for Google Ads
CallTrackingMetrics’ integration with Google Ads creates a seamless flow of data, connecting the exact paid click to the caller. Seeing calls as conversions right in Ads exposes trends on which keywords and campaigns are driving in most calls and making you the most money. Never optimize around just clicks again.

Google Ads Direct Connect
Our Google Ads Direct Connect integration communicates directly with the Google Ads API, so you can simplify your account set-up, connect multiple sub-accounts at the agency level, and have your conversion data flow freely between Google Ads and CallTrackingMetrics. Marketers can seamlessly optimize campaigns around conversions, such as calls, form fills, sales, and appointments, within one platform.

Marketers can seamlessly optimize campaigns around conversions, such as calls, form fills, sales, and appointments, within one platform.

Triggers in CallTrackingMetrics will automate sending conversion data into Google Ads. You can choose what actions you want to count as a conversion, whether that’s a phone call that mentions a specific keyword or lasts over two minutes, or a text message or form fill from a customer. You can also map any conversion actions you already have configured inside of Google Ads into CallTrackingMetrics. Agencies managing multiple client sub-accounts can instantly link those to matching Ads accounts in one click, making set up seamless.

With this direct integration, CallTrackingMetrics is also one of the only providers in the space with the ability to directly influence conversions for click-to-call and click-to-landing pages in Google Ads.

Tracking Click-to-Call and Call Extensions
Our integration will even track each call to your click-to-call ads and call extensions back to the exact keyword and ad that led to the call. You will see this information in CTM reports and in your Ads reporting so you are not just optimizing around those people that clicked on the ads and called, but also the many mobile and desktop searchers who called right from the click-to-call ad or call extension.

The Complete Picture

Unless they are accurately tracked, the value of phone calls will be unclear at best and grossly underestimated at worst. For example, imagine a marketing campaign that’s driving significant revenue via inbound calls while yielding few online conversions. A business that is not tracking and measuring those calls might decide to kill the campaign—cutting off an effective revenue stream—simply because they did not have enough information. Maximizing conversions requires a complete picture, including online and offline efforts. By integrating Google Ads and Google Analytics with CTM’s call tracking and ROI reporting, marketers can truly see the entire length of the sales funnel. The result is a more data-driven marketing strategy that creates better leads, more conversions, and higher revenue.

What distinguishes our tracking numbers from Google’s tracking numbers?

Google's Call Forwarding reports:

  • Call start and end time
  • Location
  • Caller area code
  • Whether the call was answered or not
  • Call duration
  • Call conversions

CallTrackingMetrics reports:

  • All the information Google's call tracking reports, PLUS
  • Call recordings
  • Caller insights (including name, number, and location)
  • The caller's IP address
  • The tracking number the viewer saw on your website
  • The landing page they came in on
  • The last recorded URL they were on before they placed the call
  • All historical interactions with that caller (previous calls, website visits, agent notes, conversions, and ratings)