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Flexible, secure payments directly through the call log.

Link CallTrackingMetrics and Stripe for instant, secure payments over the phone.

CallTrackingMetrics’ integration with Stripe enables users of Growth and Connect plans to process secure credit card payments over the phone. It’s also one of the many tools designed to help agencies and resellers sell call tracking to their clients and networks.

Once CTM and Stripe are linked, usage and billing information will be sent into Stripe so that your customer’s credit cards can be billed at the rates and frequencies you set based on your pricing model. If you have Enhanced Caller Insights enabled, when you click the credit card icon in the call log to take a payment, some forms may be pre-filled.

How do I bill my CTM sub-clients with Stripe?

  1. Create a CallTrackingMetrics agency account and start adding sub-accounts for each of your clients. This feature is available through our Marketing Plan or our Contact Center Plan.
  2. Link CTM to your Stripe account.
  3. Create pricing schedules in CTM to designate how much you want to charge your customers for their usage of CTM, including price per minute, call, and number. Each of your client’s sub-accounts will be linked to a pricing schedule.
  4. Create a custom or white-labeled signup page in CTM so that as your clients sign up for the service, they are linked to the correct CTM pricing schedule and added to your Stripe account.

There are many ways to customize the integration, and Stripe also provides a number of customization options for your business such as integrating with Quickbooks and Freshbooks.