Call Tracking Reporting Notifications

Call Tracking and Reporting on the Go

Receive alerts via email or SMS after every call

Schedule reports to go out daily, weekly or monthly

Receive special alerts for missed calls and voicemails

Include recordings and transcriptions in the alert

Every phone call coming in to your advertising tracking numbers is important, so we have provided many different ways for you to constantly stay up to date on them from anywhere. Each phone call is precious, especially when expensive advertising was behind that call, so these notifications serve as an instant alert system for you to keep up to date on how your campaigns and call center are performing.

Reporting notifications are automatic emails or text messages that get sent out at time intervals that you set and when particular conditions are met. Whether you want to know about every call as soon as the call happens or receive a monthly report of your calls just once a month, notifications can be customized for you and your clients' reporting needs.

For example, you can receive a phone call or text each time a phone call comes in through one of your tracking numbers. Or, perhaps you are a call center manager and you would like to receive a text notification each time a call goes unanswered so you can immediately look into it. Many advertising agencies set up monthly or weekly notifications to be sent to their clients so that they keep them informed of the progress of their campaigns.