Call Reporting Notifications

Notifications provide instant visibility into your advertising call tracking program

NotifCall Tracking Reporting Notificationsications are customized reports that can be sent after each call, text, or FormReactor form entry. They can also be sent as daily, weekly, or monthly digests. They are flexible and easily defined to enhance workflow.

For example, you may want to receive a phone call or text message each time a call comes in through one of your tracking numbers. Or, call center managers may want a text notification each time a call goes unanswered so that they can follow up. Many advertising agencies set up recurring weekly or monthly notifications that are sent directly to clients to keep them informed on campaign performance.

You choose the conditions that you wish to trigger notifications, how we should send the notification to you, when it should be sent, and who will receive the notification.

Every phone call is critical, especially when trying to measure advertising ROI, and these notifications serve as an instant alert system on campaign and call center performance. Improve customer service experience and have complete visibility into campaign and agent performance with reporting notifications.