Spam Detective

CallTrackingMetrics’ Spam Detective service can add an additional layer of protection to your numbers by detecting if a caller appears to be coming through a suspicious route and, if so, route them to a menu or prompt them to complete a CAPTCHA before being sent to a live agent.

Spam calls are an issue for any phone number or phone type, but it is particularly annoying in the call tracking space because you generally have a lot of phone numbers routing to your agents and you are tracking every single phone call to get important reporting data.

Spam calls can happen on local or toll-free numbers. There are various reasons you may see spam calls coming into your tracking phone numbers: they could be targets of traffic pumping schemes, war dialing, or phone hacking, just to name a few.  CallTrackingMetrics works with our carriers to ensure that the numbers we offer for purchase are not currently involved in any of these schemes. As part of our standard cleaning process, our numbers sit unused for at least 6 months before we re-offer them into inventory and even then, we do not release numbers into inventory until they have reached minimal levels of incoming phone calls.

With the Spam Detective service, we have partnered up with NomoRobo to extract information about the path a call is coming through. If the path is likely “spammy,” you can choose to handle that call differently. The Detective will tag calls as spam and can route these calls through a CAPTCHA or a voice menu that prompts the callers to make a keypress to get any further.

Spam Detective Keeps You Focused on What Matters

Customers using SpamDetective don’t have to worry about spam calls taking up the precious time of their agents, so they can stay focused on valuable conversations. It also automatically strips these calls from call reporting so that reports accurately reflect legitimate calls coming in from your campaigns.