Reduce Incoming Spam Calls with Spam Detective

Stay focused on the conversations that matter

The recent rise in robocalls has been a nuisance for businesses and consumers alike. For digital marketers and contact centers, spam calls have a real impact on your reporting data as you’re focused on tracking every single call your team receives.

CallTrackingMetrics is committed to working with our carriers to ensure that the numbers we provide are not involved in any traffic pumping, war dialing, or phone hacking schemes. Our internal tool, called Spam Detective, also helps to detect and reduce the occurrence of spam calls.

“In 2019, more than one-in-three calls were unwanted robocalls.”


Get in front of spam calls with Spam Detective

Stop a spam call before it even reaches your team. Spam Detective adds an additional layer of protection to your phone numbers by automatically detecting if a caller appears suspicious. If so, they will be routed to a menu or or required to complete a CAPTCHA before reaching a live agent.

Spam Detective automatically strips these calls from your reporting so that your data accurately reflects legitimate calls coming in from your campaigns.

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How Spam Detective works

Our Spam Detective service is powered by Nomorobo, which automatically analyzes millions of real calls to detect robocalling patterns and to catch voice spammers spoofing their Caller ID. If a spam call is identified, you can choose to handle that call differently. The Spam Detective will tag calls as spam and route those calls through a CAPTCHA or a voice menu that prompts the callers to make a keypress to get any further. With an accuracy rate of over 98% and a false positive rate that’s less than 0.25%, you can be sure that bad calls are blocked and good calls get through—protecting your agents from wasting their valuable time answering useless phone calls.

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