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You can use CTM to create various call flows where your callers are presented with options for leaving messages for different groups or people in your office, like a virtual mailbox.

Pre-Recorded Outbound Voicemail Messages

For agents making outbound phone calls using the softphone, CTM allows you to pre-record messages that you can click to leave during outbound call attempts where a voicemail box is reached.  

Troubleshooting Calls with No Audio

Even with call recording enabled in your account, you may see several calls with no associated audio files.  This is often expected, depending on your settings, but can also indicate a problem with your call settings configuration.  This article will go over the most common causes for “no audio” calls.   No Talk Time Unless

Troubleshooting Schedules

It can be helpful to think of schedules as an “if/then” rule that creates forking paths for your call route.  If you have a call that routes from a tracking number to a queue of agents, applying a schedule to the tracking number creates a forking path that either routes to the queue (during the schedule’s hours) or to an alternate path, such as a voicemail (when the schedule is not active).

Queue Connection Options

This article covers detailed queue settings information.  We recommend you start by following the instructions in this article before proceeding.  The Connecting and Connected sections give options for handling how agents are connected to calls for this queue, including agent prompts, connection beeps, and hangup settings.   Caller ID Use the drop-down menu to select what Caller ID

Queue Routing Options

This article covers detailed queue settings information.  We recommend you start by following the instructions in this article before proceeding.  The Routing section offers a number of settings you can use to determine how calls are distributed to the agents assigned to the queue, when the queue is available, and what to do when the queue

Call Waiting

Call waiting alerts agents when someone has called their direct line and gives them the option to address that call while they are already on another call.  When call waiting is enabled and a new call comes in on an agent’s direct line, a call waiting beep will play for the agent and a prompt

Creating a Goal in Google Analytics

Creating Goals in Analytics [1] Welcome to CallTrackingMetrics Training Video, in this workshop we’re going to be covering the how to create a goal in Google Analytics. [3] When creating a goal, the goal type should be Event. [4] Here’s a recap of the components that make up an event in Google Analytics. Category Action

Teams (Phone Settings)

Teams are common settings that can be enabled for groups of users in your account. Phone settings configurations can be used to enable custom wrap-up panels and define how the softphone behaves for each agent. Phone settings are available on Contact Center accounts. Creating a Phone Settings Configuration 1) Navigate to Settings → Phone Settings. 2) Click New

No Answer Routing

You’ll find that there are times where you may want to have special routing for unanswered calls. In our system you have multiple options for how to answer these.

Legend: Article Guide Training Video Webinar