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Scoring Calls

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

Post-Call Scoring allows you to customize the Score column of the call log and fine tune the call assessment questions your agents see when they are handling calls. Within this section, you can choose to include scoring fields like conversions, ratings, and tags.

The scoring questions you choose will be presented to agents whenever they are viewing the call log to take inbound calls or place outbound calls so they are sure to complete the information in the moment.

Score the call

The results are all surfaced in the calls by agent report so you can see reporting on conversions, revenue, and ratings by agent. You will also find the conversion and revenue information within many of our other call reports such as the calls by source report.

Additionally, administrators can customize the scoring column to adjust the name of the column and the set of tags in the column can be adjusted to either be based on a fixed list of tags or be an open list of tags.

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