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Save a Call Log Filter

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Last Updated: 11/14/2018

The Call Log filter allows you to display specific information you would like to see in the call log. If the information criteria is something you will use on an ongoing basis you can save the filter for a future quick lookup.

Open the call log filter found in the upper left corner of the user interface, just to the left of the Search window.

When the filter appears you can select the data to display by choosing the information that is relevant to your inquiry.

Once you’ve defined your data, select Save Filter.

Call Log filter

You’ll then be asked to name your new filter and provide an optional description.

Name filter

Make sure you Save Filter.

At a later, date to call up that filter you created and saved, go back to Filter in the upper left corner of the interface and select Choose saved filters where any previously saved filter are located.
Choose saved filters
After selecting the filter of your choosing, the call log will auto-populate based on the criteria previously defined.

If you need to rename or delete any stored filters, select the Managed Filters button also found in the call log filter.
Select managed filters

Manage filters opens up and you can manipulate the naming convention or delete the filter.
Manipulate the naming convention

These same filters can be applied in the reporting section of Call Tracking Metrics where filtering data is allowed.

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