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Downloading Call Recordings

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

Call recordings are accessed within the Call Log, under the Audio column. You can click on the Audio button for the call to begin listening to the audio file. Once this begins to play, you will see options for MP3 and WAV. You can click either option to download the audio file as the corresponding mp3 or wav file type.

You can also click on “pop out” while listening to the audio file in the Call Log. This will pop up in a new window to start playing the audio file, and allow you to move forward and backward in the audio file if you need to listen to particular segments. You also have the option here to download the audio file as either an mp3 or wav file, by clicking on the corresponding option. You can also click Delete in this window to delete the audio file from our system. Finally, if you have Transcription and Keyword Spotting enabled in the account, the keywords will be displayed in this window. You can click on the keywords to jump to the spotted position within the call.

Transcription and Keyword SpottingTranscription and Keyword Spotting

You can find more information about Call Recording Settings here.

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