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Last Updated: 04/22/2019

Each call in the call log will display the caller ID information associated with that caller, including the name, phone number and location of the caller. This information comes from what is registered with the caller ID service for that person’s carrier, and may vary by country.

You can edit this information by clicking Edit in the far left column of the call log, or by clicking in the blank space of the Contact column. This will expand the call log so that you can update the name and contact information for a caller. Any changes you save to the caller ID will display for this call and any future calls from the same number.

If you are using Enhanced Caller ID, any additional information retrieved from that lookup will be displayed in this panel as well.


Updating Caller Contact Information

  1. Open the detail panel by clicking Edit to the left of the call or by clicking the empty space in the Contact column.
  2. Fill in or edit the fields as needed.
  3. Click Save Changes or Save & Close.

Updating Caller Contact Information


Tagging Calls

The Tag Call field is used to apply tags to this call, which will appear below the caller ID information in the Contact column of your call log. For more information on tags, click here.


Contact Notes

There is also a notes section in the contact panel for each call. Notes are saved to each unique caller, so you can see the full history of notes for each caller by opening the contact panel on any one of their calls. A brown notebook icon  will appear in the Contact column for a call if notes were saved on it.

Click the edit or delete buttons to update notes from this panel.

Contact Notes

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