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Enabling Operator Mode in Queues

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Last Updated: 04/10/2020

To setup Operator Mode you will first need to setup a Queue and select and save a routing rule


Enabling operator mode allows the queue to route multiple phone calls to the same agent using a softphone. You still have control over how many concurrent calls route to the same agent via agent routing rules.

Toggle Operator Mode to On

Next scroll down to Agent Routing Rules 


Select the agents you would like to assign and save changes


Next Select Select “Edit Agent Routing Rules


Next Select the Agent you wish to make the person in “Operator Mode”


In section Weight-Based Routing add a weight factor of “0” (Zero) for unlimited calls or select another value.  You are able to choose the amount of calls they can receive  at one time by setting other values.  If you have multiple operators you will want to add another agent to the queue and assign weights accordingly.

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