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Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Bizible

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

Bizible unifies user behavior and advertising data with sales outcomes, allowing you to control the success of your marketing investment.  The CallTrackingMetrics integration with Bizible works by capturing the Bizible cookie value in the tracking code, storing it in a custom field, and sending that custom field to Salesforce.

You should discuss the integration with your Bizible account manager to ensure you have the necessary activity fields created in Salesforce.  This integration requires that you have set up the Salesforce integration with your CTM account.

To complete the integration, you will need to create a custom field, add custom tracking code, create a call trigger, and update your Salesforce mapping.  Please complete all of the sections below.

Integration Setup: Create a Custom Field

1) Navigate to Settings Custom Fields.
2) The field needed for the integration can be added in either the Contact section or the Score section of the call log.  Click Add Field in either section.
3) Enter Bizible Cookie as the name of the field.
4) The default option for the type drop-down will be Text.  Do not change this setting.
5) Use the drop-down menu on the right side to select Save to Calls.
6) Click Save Changes.

See this article for more information on custom fields.

Add custom fields to contact panel

Integration Setup: Enter Custom Tracking Code

1) Navigate to Numbers Tracking Code.
2) Click or scroll down to the Custom Tracking Code section and enter the following code:

try { var __ctm_cvars = __ctm_cvars || [];

__ctm_cvars.push({bizible: document.cookie.split(";").filter(function(coo) { return coo.match(/_biz_uid/); })[0].split("=")[1]}); } catch(e) { }

3) Click Save Changes.

Custom tracking code

Integration Setup: Create a Trigger

1) Navigate to Calls Triggers.  (If you have no triggers saved, you will be taken to a new setup page.  Otherwise, click New Trigger in the upper right corner.)
2) Enter a name for your trigger that you will easily recognize.
3) In the Trigger drop-down menu, select When a website session is associated to the call record.
4) Choose which numbers you want to associate with the integration.

  • If you want to use this integration with all numbers in your account, select the Trigger for all Calls toggle to turn it on.
  • If you want only certain numbers to work with this integration, leave the toggle off.  After you have saved the trigger, click Edit Assigned Tracking Numbers to choose which numbers will work with the integration.

5) Click + Add Workflow.
6) In the Workflow panel that appears, click the trash can icon on the right side of the default rule to remove it.
7) Click Add Action at the bottom of the Workflow panel and select Update Custom Field.
8) Use the drop-down menu to select the Bizible Cookie custom field.
9) In the field to the right, enter {{cvars[bizible]}}.
10) Click Save Changes.

Settings and Workflows

Integration Setup: Salesforce Mapping

In your Salesforce integration settings, you will now be able to map the “Bizible Cookie” into the bizible2_BizibleId__c field in the Salesforce Activity record. If you do not see this field, see your Bizible Success Manager to get the latest version of the Bizible package.

You need to also map to the Type field in Salesforce. In most cases, the default value should be set to “Call.”

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