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Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with FranConnect

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

FranConnect is a franchise management software product that helps franchisors more effectively manage, track, and run their business.  CTM’s integration with FranConnect lets you see your calls in the context of all your other franchise tracking and reporting, which is perfect for reviewing calls and keeping track of franchise-level performance.

Integration Setup

1) Navigate to Settings Integrations FranConnect.
2) Click the toggle for Enable FranConnect integration.
3) If you wish to only integrate calls that have recordings, click to enable the toggle for Only send calls to FranConnect that have a recording.
4) In the Account Settings section on the integration page, enter the information for all fields (please contact FranConnect for assistance with finding this information):

  • URL
  • CID
  • Skey
  • Token
  • Module
  • Clickpoint types (comma-separated list of clickpoint types to match in your receiving/termination number labels)
  • Not match clickpoint types (comma-separated list of clickpoint types to skip in your receiving/termination number labels)

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