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Google AdWords Integration for Call-Only Ads and Call Extensions

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

Our integration with Google Ads will track each call to your call-only ads and call extensions back to the exact keyword, adgroup, and campaign that led to the call.

After you have completed the steps below, you will have Ads data associated with your ad extension and call-only calls. This will allow you to see the keyword data, campaign, and adgroup data for each call within CallTrackingMetrics’ call log and call reports.

Integration Steps

  1. In CTM, assign a tracking number to the tracking source “Ad Extension”. If you are needing to track multiple extensions, then purchase multiple tracking numbers all associated to the same Ad Extension source.
  2. In Google Adwords, add the Ad Extension tracking numbers as a call extension.
  3. Set your call extensions to use Call reporting and save.
  4. In Google AdWords, navigate to Bulk Actions and select Scripts.
  5. Click the red button (“+SCRIPT”) to add a new script.
  6. Copy the script from CTM (which can be found by going to Settings → Integrations → Google AdWords) into the code section in AdWords. Name your script “CTM Call Reporting”.
  7. Authorize the script to run.
  8. Save and click Close.
  9. From the list of scripts, add a schedule. Set it up to run hourly.

Key information to know regarding CTM’s Google AdWords Integrations

  • Only click-to-call dialed calls will be attributed as a call conversion in AdWords. If a call extension is manually dialed, the call will not count as a conversion in AdWords, nor will the keyword data be attributed.
  • The script is scheduled to run hourly, creating a 1-2 hour delay for the campaign information to be attributed in the call log and in CTM’s reporting.
  • The campaign data will not be attached to the event CTM sends into Analytics.
  • Call conversion goals must be preconfigured in AdWords in order for the call to be counted as an AdWords conversion.

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