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Creating Tracking Sources By Adwords Campaign

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Last Updated: 08/15/2018

If you would like to display different tracking numbers by AdWords campaign, you can create sources in our system aligned to each campaign and then associate numbers to those sources. For example: AdWords campaigns that are broken down by geography and you would like to display different area codes for each campaign.

  1. The first step would be add URL tags in AdWords for each of the campaigns. For example, add something to your ad URLs like utm_campaign=campaignA and then for the 2nd campaign, it would be utm_campaign=campaignB, etc.
  2. Once you’ve got those tags added to the 3 campaigns in AdWords, you can then set up distinct Google AdWords tracking sources in our system using those URL tags and associate tracking numbers to each source. So, for example, tracking source #1 would be set up in the following way:
    1. Go to Numbers > Tracking Sources
    2. Click the New Source button in upper-right corner
    3. On source setup page, choose “Google Adwords” in the Quick Source Setup dropdown. In the field just to the right of that, the “custom” field, type in something like “Google Paid Campaign A” to name your source.Quick Source Setup dropdown
    4. In the landing URL field, you will see the gclid is listed there as the default set up. You will want remove that and instead enter something like: utm_campaign=campaignA
      Source type
    5. Save your source.
  3. Create the other sources for the other campaigns using the same steps above.
  4. Go to Numbers > Buy Numbers, choose the numbers you like, and click + to move them to add them to your cart. After you have purchased the number(s), you will be sent to the Set up Tracking Numbers page where you can select your tracking source from the dropdown.

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