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Pausing the Tracking Code

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Last Updated: 01/16/2019

Pausing the tracking code temporarily prevents your account’s tracking code from displaying your tracking numbers to visitors on your website.  The tracking code can be paused for individual tracking numbers or for the entire account.  The tracking code can be paused or unpaused at any time.

  • Pausing the tracking code does not stop any charges to your account.
  • You will be charged your regular subscription fee, monthly renewal fees for numbers, minutes usage, and any other features with additional rates you have activated in your account.
  • Tracking numbers will remain active in your account and can receive calls normally.

If you would like to stop number swapping and stop incoming calls while keeping your account active, follow the instructions here instead.

Pausing an Entire Account

  1. Navigate to Settings → Account Settings.
  2. Use the left hand navigation or scroll down to the Status section and click Pause Tracking Code.
  3. In the confirmation window that appears, click Pause Tracking Code.
  4. The tracking code for this account is now paused.  You will see (paused) in the black toolbar when viewing this account to indicate the new account status.  No number swapping will occur on any websites where you have installed the tracking code.

To resume the tracking code:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Account Settings.
  2. Use the left hand navigation or scroll down to the Status section and click Resume Tracking Code.

Pausing a Single Tracking Number

  1. Navigate to Numbers Tracking Numbers.
  2. The Type column on this page will indicate whether a number is allowed to swap on your website.  Any number with “Onsite, Dynamic” in this column can be swapped by the tracking code and can therefore be paused.  Click here to read more about onsite and offsite tracking sources.
  3. Click (pause) next to the number you wish to temporarily stop displaying on your website.
  4. The paused number will appear in greyed out text in your tracking numbers list.  This number will not swap on your website until the tracking code is resumed.
  5. To start swapping the number on your website again, click the (resume) button.

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