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Click to Call Form (FormReactor)

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

CallTrackingMetrics offers click to call forms (called FormReactor) that are easily embedded on your website that allow you to immediately connect to new form leads.

FormReactor forms entries and associated calls will appear within the call log with an additional yellow shading and indicator icon . You can also use the ‘form entry’ filter to list only the form entries within the call log.

You will see all of the detailed advertising channel information (like which ad, keyword, campaign etc) that lead to each of your form entries.

This is an example of a form being used: 

Example form

Steps to set up a form: 

1. Click on account settings in the dropdown next to your email address and then go to “Formreactor” within account settings.

2. Click the blue “add form reactor” button to add your first click to call form.

3. Name your form, chose which fields you want in your form, and set up the routing the way you wish,. You’ll notice you have different options for how you want to connect to the person that just filled out the form as well as how we connect to the sales person on the other end.
Click save on the bottom left.

Form details

There are two options for how we connect to the form lead once they click the “call me” button in the form:

  • After a website visitor completes your form, CTM will initiate a call to the “Number to Call” (for example: your sales person). The sales person will hear a message asking whether they would like to connect to the website visitor now and can press 1 to connect or press 2 to hang up. If they press 1, we’ll initiate the call to connect the sales member to the website visitor’s phone number, using the call back number given below.


  • As soon as the form is filled out, CTM will call the person entering the form first and then will ring to the “Number to Call” in your organization. Any call settings configured on the tracking number (such as the greeting message “this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes”) will be in effect.

Call routing

4. On the right side of the page, you can preview your form and also get the embed code for the form. Also, you can set up notifications so that emails are sent to particular people in your organization each time the form is filled out.


As form leads come in, you will see them in the call log of that particular account. They will appear in a shaded yellow color and the info that was filled out in the form will be in the caller details area.


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