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Porting Numbers to CallTrackingMetrics

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Last Updated: 04/08/2020

Porting means to take your current phone number away from the current provider, and transport it to another carrier (like CallTrackingMetrics).

We can port numbers to our system in the US and Canada only. To start, click here to create your port request in our system within the numbers menu. Or once you are logged into your account you can go to:
Numbers > Port Numbers.


Step 1:  Go to the porting numbers page

Step 2:  On this Page you will enter the current carrier’s name:

Carrier name

Step 3: Then In the “Numbers to Port” section you will enter in the Number to Port as well as the number we will ring to. You will also assign the tracking source and if you are an agency choose what account you want the number to go into. If your port is large and you would like to copy and paste a list of your numbers in a .txt file list the number to port, receiving number, tracking source, account name.

If you would like to port multiple numbers you have the option to upload a csv file

Or if your port is large and you would like to copy/paste, you can create a .txt file that follows this format for columns: number to port, receiving number, tracking source, and account name. Select the “Paste a List of Numbers” button

Step 4:  You will enter in the Customer Name. This is going to be the name that appears EXACTLY on your telephone bill plus add the Account PIN.  (Note: If you don’t know your Account PIN, call your current service provider to obtain it for the port request)

Step 5:  Next we will ask for your Billing Address. You will want to fill this our EXACTLY  as you see it on your telephone bill.

Step 6: Finally you will check the box that says I understand in the Agreement section saying you agree to the fee CTM will charge.

Step 7: After you fill that our Click on the Continue to Letter of Authorization.
Letter of Authorization
There will be a box at the bottom to click for you to sign Sign

Once you have signed you should see a green bar at the top that says You have completed all required fields Please click Continue.
The continue is found at the top of the page. Continue

Then you will click on the I Agree
I Agree

Step 8:  Next you will be taken to the proof of Ownership page. Here you will upload a file with a bill or even a screen shot showing that you own the number. Then Click Send Proof of Ownership.

 Proof of Ownership.

Then you will be taken to the port number screen where you will get a message saying we will review the proof and get back to you with more information. The email that we will contact is the email you are logged in with so
be sure that if we need to reach out to you for whatever reason that you check your email.


In order to make sure there is no downtime during the port, you should also keep your account active with the losing carrier until the number has completely ported over.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for the port to complete.
We will keep you up to date via email about how the port process is going for your numbers (approvals, rejections, etc) and will let you know as soon as we have a port date scheduled.

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