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Changing the Receiving Number for a Tracking Number

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

You can update the receiving routing for your Tracking Numbers at any time.

1) First you want to ensure that all of your Receiving Numbers are already added into your account. If the Receiving Number does not already exist in your account, then you first will go to Numbers > Receiving Numbers > New Receiving Number to add the Receiving Number to the account.

2) Then go to Numbers > Tracking Numbers and click on the Tracking Number (in the far left column) that you wish to update the routing for.

Tracking number

3) You will see a “Dial Routing” section toward the top of the page. Here you can add multiple Receiving Numbers that you want to route the calls to.

Dial routing

4) After adding all Receiving Numbers, you can decide how you want to ring to the different Receiving Numbers.
Dial receiving numbers

5) Lastly, you’ll want to click “Save & Edit”

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