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Porting Multiple Numbers to CallTrackingMetrics

Support Hub Numbers › Porting Multiple Numbers to CallTrackingMetrics
Last Updated: 09/15/2020

The steps to complete the Port Request for multiple numbers an LOE and proof of ownership will need to be signed within the calltrackingmetrics application .  Please follow these steps and sign.  

  • Carrier:  Carrier XYZ

  • <Select> Port Multiple Numbers

  • Make sure Upload CSV is bold before selecting Choose File

    • Column Order:  Number to Port, Receiving Number, Tracking Source, and Account Name 

    • Format:  Tracking Number to Port and Receiving Number is +1XXXXXXXXXX

  • <Select> Choose File (select CSV File) 

    • If a message “All Required Columns not Selected” comes up click the ‘X’ on the right side.

    • Delete all other columns except the below.

      • First Column:  At the top of the Column select Tracking Number to Port in the drop down 

      • Second Column:  Receiving Number 

      • Third Column:  Existing Tracking Source

      • Fourth Column:  Existing Account 

  • Complete Customer Name and Billing Address sections.

  • Check I Understand in the Agreement section 

  • <Select> Continue to Letter of Authorization

If you run into an issue please feel free to call me at 800-577-1872 option 3

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