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Creating Call Schedules

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

You can create schedules for each of your agents, a specific call queue, a voice menu. This will walk you through creating a schedule. To learn how to assign a schedule to a user, click here.

Schedules will determine when a particular configuration will ring. For example, you may wish to set a schedule for a typical Monday-Friday work day, one for after business hours during weekdays, and one for weekends.

To get started, open the Numbers menu and click Call Schedules.

Numbers menu > Call Schedules

Once you are on that page, you can see all of your existing schedules or create a new one by clicking Add Schedule. Add schedule

When you first select Add Schedules, you will see the following options:

Set schedule options

For this example I am going to make a Schedule for our developers. Our developers have a custom time that they set a side to just work on problems and do not answer calls. In the Name field I am going to say Developers. This way when I look at the options for the schedules I can see that this is the schedule for our developers.
We are in the Eastern time zone so I will use the dropdown menu to find our Time zone. All of this will result in the image below.

Call schedules

Next we will go to the Time Schedules section:

Time schedules

We will click on Add Available times and get the following:

Add available

I will set the times here. Since my developers have different times for Monday, Wednesday and Friday then they do for Tuesday and Thursday I will be adding available times 5 times.

For Monday Wednesday and Friday the developers work in the morning so they will be available on the phone from 12:00 pm to closing time at 5:30. I found the easiest way for me to do this was to add 3 first for Monday Wednesday and Friday. And setting those times.

Time schedules

Next I will add in the days for Tuesday and Thursday. Since those days the developer times are from 11:30 – 2 I have to have a morning time and an afternoon time. To make things easier I added two available times and just clicked Morning for the first one and Afternoon for the second. The morning and afternoon times are great for when you have a lunch break. I left everything else the default but will go change the times.

Time schedules

Now my time schedule looks as follows. I checked it over and everything is correct so I am now going to save it.

Time schedules

Now that this is saved you will see it in your list of schedules. You can make changes at any time. For example if my Developers worked the same schedule every day Monday through Friday and were able to answer calls from 12:00 pm to 05:30 pm then I could just have One field that said From 12:00 pm to 05:30 pm on Monday through Friday. I would just use the trash can to the right of the day fields to remove the other ones. This way when I update the schedule any thing associated with the schedule is also automatically updated.

Watch the video here:

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