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Set a Fallback Receiving Number

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Last Updated: 09/19/2018

For each of your Receiving Numbers, you can set up a fallback Receiving Number that will get calls if the primary Receiving Number does not pick up within a certain amount of time.

Click here to follow our built-in guide for configuring no-answer routing.

To set your fallback:

  1. Go to the numbers > Receiving Numbers.
  2. Click edit next to the number you wish to have a fallback number for. Edit Receiving Number
  3. You will now see a section called “No Answer Routing”
    No Answer Routing
  4. Next you can change the seconds to be able to answer in. Our default it is set to 45 seconds, you can use the drop down menu to choose from any of the times we have listed
    Set default time (in seconds)
  5. You can select how to route using the drop down, by default we will have phone number. How to route
  6. The final drop down box is where you can choose from the list of receiving numbers/call queues/ or voice menus that you currently have available.
    Choose from the list of receiving numbers
    Note:  In this example we are routing to a Voice Menu so you can see the other options we offer.
  7. Then scroll down to the bottom and click “save”.

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