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Exporting the Activity Reports Page

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

The Call Reports page in your account can be exported as a spreadsheet for easy sharing, compiling data, or saving historical reports. Reports can be sent out with a one-time export, or scheduled for repeat delivery. Note that the export of this page will include a spreadsheet of the table data only; the graph is not included.

One-Time Exports

Export1) Select the view and apply all filters you want for your exported report.
2) Click Export in the top right of your reports page and select your preferred file format (csv or xls).
3) A pop-up will appear to confirm your export. Exports will be sent to the email address you have as your user login.
4) Click Export Report.

Scheduling Regular Exports

Schedules1) Apply all filters you want for your scheduled report.
2) Click the Schedules… button in the top right of your reports page.
3) Select the view you want from the drop-down menu.
4) Enter the email subject that will be used when the report is delivered.
5) Choose how often the report runs and the day and time you would like it to be generated when it is sent.
6) Choose the data to include in your report (such as yesterday, last month, or month-to-date).
7) Select the chart columns you want included in your report. By default, all columns are included.
8) Add email addresses for everyone that you want to receive this report. Report recipients do not have to be users in your account.
9) Check Include Filters to have your current filter applied when the report is generated. If you are not using a filter, leave the box unchecked.
10) Click Save Schedule.

Scheduling Regular Exports

Managing Scheduled Reports

To view, edit, or add new scheduled reports, click the same Schedules… button in the upper right of your report page. Existing scheduled reports will be listed here.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the report
  • Click Send to generate the report now (this will not interrupt or skip normal scheduled deliveries)
  • To remove a report, click the Delete… button
  • Click New Schedule to create a new scheduled report for your account

Managing Scheduled Reports

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