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Account Usage

Support Hub Reporting Usage › Account Usage
Last Updated: 09/18/2018

One of the many reports that CTM offers is an Account Usage report, which shows a breakdown of cost by tracking number for the account you are viewing.

To find the Account Usage report, go to Reporting → Account Usage.

Reporting > Account Usage

The default screen you will see will be usage by number for this account.  The usage will be broken down into cost for number renewal, minutes used, and fees for optional features such as text messaging, live listening, call transcriptions, and enhanced caller ID.  You can change the time frame in the upper right hand corner by clicking on one of the two fields and selecting your time frame.

Account usage screen

The usage page can be exported as a spreadsheet using the “export customer usage” button in the upper right of the page.  If you have an agency plan and have access to multiple accounts in the agency, there will also be an “all accounts” button that will allow you to view usage for every number in the agency, and this view can be exported as well.

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