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HIPAA Compliance
Preventing Unwanted Calls on Your Numbers
User Roles
Two-Factor Authentication
Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Stripe
Managing Users
Associating CTM Agents to Salesforce Users
Change History and Versions
Creating and Modifying Price Markups
Creating a Signup Page
Billing Address for Statements
How does the available balance system work?
View Charges and Usage For Account
Refund Policy
Scheduling Invoices
How does price per minute work?
Backup Payment
Printable Statements
Update Billing Re-Charge Settings
Account Billing Logs
Adding New Credit Card
Special International Per Minute Pricing
Agency Shared Billing VS. Individual Sub-Account Billing
Call Waiting
Access Control Rules
Adding a User-Specific Schedule
Adding a Receiving Number to a User
Adding Agents to the System
Login Link Expired
Account Owner Changes
Assigning an Outbound Number to an Agent
Pre-Recorded Outbound Voicemail Messages
Custom Fields
Custom Actions
Stopping Incoming Calls
Set Time Zone for Account
Account Audio Access
View Canceled Accounts
Agent Statuses
Canceling an Account or Agency
Adding a New Account (Sub-Account)
Reviewing and Changing Plans
Deleting Call Recordings
Custom Softphone Settings
Managing Audio Files
Where is My Affiliate Link?
Where Are My Affiliate Payouts?
Waiting on Affiliate Approval
Volume Discounts
Transferring Accounts (Moving Accounts into or out of Agencies)
Reseller Opportunities
Redacting Information (for GDPR and Privacy)
PCI Compliance
How to Get Your Agency Started
Google Number Disapproved or Not Verified
Custom Domain Whitelabeling
CallTrackingMetrics Tools for GDPR Compliance
API Keys
Ad Tagging For Tracking Bing Paid/Adcenter Calls
Account Security Features
Account Logo Whitelabeling