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How to Get Your Agency Started

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Last Updated: 08/15/2018

There are a few key steps to get your Agency or Enterprise agency account set up initially.  It should be pretty quick and painless but email us if we can be of assistance in any way.

  1. Configure agency settings: Click on your email—> agency settings. From there, you can set up whitelabeling options. See more info about whitelabeling under Agency or Enterprise plan.
  2. Create accounts for your clients: Click on your email—> Sub Accounts. You can view all of your client sub-accounts here. You can create a new sub-account by clicking “add a new account”.Each time you create a new sub-account, you have the option to either place that sub-accounts usage on your agency shared available balance (i.e. funded by your agency credit card) or place the sub-account on a different credit card. You can even invite your client to add their credit card themselves.
  3. Switch between sub-accounts: You can switch by using the blue box at the top of the screen (it displays the sub-account you are currently in and you can click the down arrow to view accounts you have recently been in). You can also switch between accounts on the manage accounts page in the settings menu.
  4. Add users for sub-accounts: Switch into the sub-account you want to add a user for and then click on your email—> manage users.  Learn more about various roles you can add each user as.
  5. Set up auto-notifications for your clients: Many agencies like to take advantage of our auto- notification options to keep their clients abreast of new calls and campaign performance. Switch into the correct sub-account and then click on your email—> notifications to add a notification for a sub-account. Click “add notification” to create a new notification for a sub-account. Learn more about setting up notifications.New notification
  6. 6) View sub-account usage: Many agencies like to be able to see how much each sub-account is costing them so that they can bill their clients at the end of the month. You can view account by account usage by going to reports—> agency usage. Use the date filter to adjust the time period.

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