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Agency Shared Billing VS. Individual Sub-Account Billing

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Last Updated: 08/30/2019

Some CallTrackingMetrics plans support an “agency” account structure. This allows you to put clients on individual sub-accounts and segment reporting, access, as well as billing. In this functionality, you have the ability to choose whether a sub-accounts usage is funded by an agency balance (the usage draws from a balance funded by the agency) or a customer balance (the usage on this type of account would draw from a balance that the customer funds through their own payment method).

To see if your client’s sub account is on agency shared billing or on its own billing, you will want to go to Settings then Accounts.  From there you can see all of the sub-accounts set up under your agency. Under the billing column on this page, you will be able to identify whether that sub-account draws from a customer balance or an agency balance.

Agency billing

If it says ‘Balance from: customer’ that means they are NOT on the agency shared billing but rather they are funding their own available balance and paying for their sub-accounts usage through their own credit card.

If you wish to change a particular sub account’s balance setting you can click on the “Balance From” section of the specific sub-account (pictured above, and located here) a pop-up will appear prompting you to “Add To” or “Remove From Agency Billing”

Remove From Agency Billing

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