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Creating and Modifying Price Markups

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Last Updated: 01/31/2019

Setting up price markups for your subaccounts will allow you to charge your customers at a marked up rate for phone calls, phone numbers, text messages, transcriptions, Spam Detective, and premium caller ID lookups. Each of the markup options can be enabled or disabled independently.

Create a Price Markup

To create and edit price markups, click Settings & Price Markups.

If the agency does not already have any price markups, you will begin creating a new one. Otherwise, you can click the “New Price Markup” button in the upper right. To edit an existing price markup, click on the name of the price markup.

You can markup phone calls (minutes) by a percentage (Markup Minutes by a Percentage), by a fixed amount (Fixed price per minute), or you can charge a flat amount for every call (Charge per Call).

When marking up calls by a percentage, you can enter a percentage markup and click refresh to see your cost and your customer’s cost for local and toll free minutes. You can also choose a country to see how it affects the pricing. (The percentage markup is one number for all countries.)

If you choose Charge per Call, you can enter a fixed amount to charge for every call. If your agency has enough call information, we will compute what your average call costs. You can use that as a guideline for setting a price. If you set a call length (duration of the entire call), your client will only be billed for calls that are longer than the specified number of seconds. Setting the call length to zero (0) will result in all calls being charged regardless of length.

If you choose “Fixed price per minute”, we will use that “unit” for billing. Normally, the unit is cents. But if you are using Stripe, the unit will be the unit of currency of the Stripe plan selected.

Phone numbers are similar to phone calls. You can use the tool to markup by a percentage or fixed price. If you are using “Cost per Number”, the number entered will be the number of units to charge for each number. Normally, the units are cents, but if you are using Stripe, the unit will be a unit of currency for the connected Stripe plan.

You can markup text messages, transcriptions, Spam Detective, and Premium Caller ID Lookups by a percentage or you may charge a fixed price for each type of markup.

Make sure and enable or disable the markup by using the toggle switch below each markup type. Likewise, make sure and save your new or modified price markup by clicking the “Save Price Markup” button at the bottom of the page.

If you have already created signup pages, you can assign this price markup to a signup page by clicking in the box below “Linked Signup Pages” and selecting the signup page form the displayed list.

If you only want to mark up by one thing you can disable all the others. When your customer goes to purchase a number they will see the prices you have set in the price markup and they will also see these prices reflected in the account usage report.

Finally, when you choose to either export your agency billing file or use our Stripe integration, you will see the usage at both your marked up prices and the prices your agency is paying CTM so you can bill your clients accordingly.

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