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Calltrackingmetrics Technical Support PIN

Support Hub Settings Current Account Account Settings › Calltrackingmetrics Technical Support PIN
Last Updated: 07/30/2020

Calltrackingmetrics Technical Support PIN

Inside of each Calltrackingmetrics (CTM) account in the upper right hand corner there’s a section called SUPPORT PIN.   This PIN is dynamic in nature and unique to each account.  This PIN is updated daily.  The CTM Technical Support PIN is used to verify that the person calling into Technical Support is allowed to call and report issues on behalf of their company. The PIN is only accessible to the person while being logged into their account.

  • Found in the Account Settings
  • Each PIN is created daily
  • Used for calling into CTM Customer Support
  • Ensure the person calling is allowed to have access to the CTM account
  • The SUPPORT PIN can only be used when logged into CTM

To find your Account PIN:

  1. Click the Account at the top right hand corner

 2.  The Support PIN can be found here

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