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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

Billing Settings

We provide receipts for our customers and not a detailed invoice. The reason behind this is that we charge your credit card once to put funds in to your available balance, we then draw from that available balance as you use CTM’s services (minutes, purchase/renew numbers, subscription renewal, SMS messages, etc.)

You can view a receipt by going to Settings then Billing Settings. In the Payment History section on the right hand side under the “Status” column you will see a link to your receipt for the amount that we charged your credit card.

If you have an Advanced plan and do not see that receipt status there you will have to go one step further by clicking on Billing then going to “Payment History”  from there you will see the Status column.

If you want to have your billing address on the Receipt then go to Settings>>Billing Settings > Billing > Billing Address

By filling out the form your billing address will appear on the receipt.

Billing Address Settings

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