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Adding a Backup Payment Method

Settings Current Account Billing Settings Billing Settings › Adding a Backup Payment Method
Last Updated: 12/05/2018

The primary credit card on file in your CallTrackingMetrics account will be charged when the balance falls below the threshold you have specified. In the event that the primary card cannot be charged, the account’s available balance will not be recharged unless a backup payment method is set.

Accounts with insufficient funds cannot receive phone calls or renew tracking numbers.  To avoid this, we always recommend adding a backup payment method to your account.

Setting a Backup Payment Method

1) First, add the credit card you wish to use as your backup payment method.

2) Navigate to Settings → Billing Settings, then click or scroll down to Payment Methods.

3) Click the pencil icon next to the payment method you wish to set as your backup.

4) In the Actions section of the edit page, click Set as Backup.

5) You will be redirected back to the Billing Settings page with your updated settings in place.  Locate the Primary and Backup columns in the Payment Methods list to verify that the correct payment methods have been set.

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