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Adding a Receiving Number to a User

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Last Updated: 09/18/2018

If you are using a call queue you will need a receiving number for any agent that is going to be receiving calls on a mobile or desk phone. This will allow the call queue to ring to the agent’s when the call queue’s schedule is active.

See this article on how to set up a schedule

To add a schedule to a user, go to Settings, then go to Account Users.

In this example, we are going to add an inbound number to Fred’s account. Fred Woo is an call agent with no inbound number assigned, no outbound number assigned, no schedule assigned, and has never logged in. To add an inbound number to Fred’s account, we will click edit next to his name to add his receiving number, which will show up in the inbound number section.

Here we will add the receiving number for Fred. He is working in the US so there is no need to change the country code, however if he were working in another country, we would use the drop down menu to choose the country code for the number.

Agent profile

Now Fred’s number will show up under Inbound Calls.

Inbound call log

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