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Managing Users

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Last Updated: 01/16/2019

Managing Users & Access Levels

CallTrackingMetrics allows an unlimited amount of account users with flexible user access levels. When you add a new user, you can choose from a variety of roles:

  • Agency Administrator: Can manage all aspects of the agency (for plans that can create subaccounts only).
  • Administrator: This user can access all aspects of the account (including tracking numbers, call log, reports, settings, and billing information).
  • Marketing Manager: This user has read-only access to tracking numbers and source configurations, plus access to the call log and reporting.
  • Billing: This user has the ability to manage billing on customer accounts.
  • Report Manager: This user can access call log and reports. They cannot see anything under the “Numbers” menu, including the options to buy or edit tracking numbers.
  • Call Manager: This user can access the Calls and Text menus.
  • Agent: This user can only access calls that are routed or assigned to him or her in the call log. Call agents can also use the softphone to make new calls.

If you have an agency with multiple sub-accounts, you can choose to give a user access to one or several sub-accounts. In the “Assign Role” section of the user’s profile, you can enter the names of all sub-accounts you would like the user to be able to access.

Click here to follow our built-in guide for adding new users.

Add new users

1. Go to Settings > Users.

Settings > Users

2. Click the New User button on the top right corner.

Click New User

3. Enter the new user’s Email Address and Name.

Enter Email Address

4. Check the “Send Instructions” option to send the user a welcome email with a link to help them sign in.

Send Instructions

5. Scroll down to assign role. (Agent Profile, Agent Contact & Sip phone are all optional and talked about at the bottom of the page)

Assign role

6. Click Save or Save & Add Another.

Save & Add Another

Optional steps:

Agent Profile
1. Upload a profile image.

2. Select the Default country for phone number inputs.

3. If you are using Stripe you can Type the Stripe User Name (Stripe will need to be configured to do this)

Agent profile options

Agent Contact
1. Assign a Receiving Number to the Agent.

2. Select the new user’s Call Schedule if they are going to be receiving calls as part of a call queue and you want them to be available at just certain times. If there are pre-existing call schedules in your account, they will populate in the dropdown. You also have the option to create a new call schedule or mark the agent as always available.

Agent Contact

Add multiple new users

You also have the option to import multiple users quickly (i.e. Bulk User Upload).

1. Go to Settings > Users.

2. Click the New Users button.

New Users button

3. Enter in each user’s information, or paste your user list, into the box. Make sure to add one user per line, using the following format with email, first name and last name being required. You also have the option to add their assigned Receiving Number after their last name.

Enter user information

4. Toggle the option to send each user a password email.

5. Assign a role for all these users by using the drop-down menu.

Assign a role

6. Click Add New Users.

Add New Users

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