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Last Updated: 04/30/2019


In order to use the softphone, you will need:

  • A microphone (we recommend a headset with a boom microphone)
  • A strong internet connection

Click here for more details and recommendations for best practices when using the softphone.


Opening the Softphone

The softphone is opened from the Call Log page (Calls → Call Log).

1. Click Desk Mode to open the desk mode view.

2. Click Phone to open the pop-out phone window.

3. Click the phone icon, then Open Phone to open the pop-out window from any page in the application.



1. Agent Status: shows your user icon and current status (Available, Not Available, Outbound Call, Inbound Call or custom status).

2. Number to Dial: shows the number that will be dialed.  Type or paste a number here to place an outbound call.

3. Dial Pad: tap or click to place an outbound call.

4. Softphone Settings: click here to open the softphone settings menu.

5. Contacts: click here to view and search recent contacts.

6. Toggle Availability: click to become available or not available for calls.


Answering a Call

A ringing tone will play when an incoming call is being routed to you. You may also see a desktop notification.

1. Ignore: dismisses the current call.  The call will stop ringing for you, but will continue to ring for other agents (if applicable).

2. Answer: answers the call.


Softphone During a Live Call

1. Agent Status: indicates agent, status, and tracking number the call is being placed from.

2. Call Controls: 

  • Hold: places the caller on hold.
  • Mute: mutes your microphone.
  • Keypad: returns to the dial pad view of the phone.
  • Participants: click to view all agents and customers on the call.  Call moderators can mute or dismiss other participants.
  • Transfer: transfer the call to another agent, another phone number, a queue of agents, or a menu.
  • Add: add another agent or another phone number to the call.  You may also choose to place the caller on hold before adding.

3. Dialed Number and Call Duration: shows the number of the person you are calling (for an outbound call) or the person calling you (for an inbound call).

4. Hang Up: ends the current call.


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