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Advertising Agency And Reseller

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Account Logo Whitelabeling

You can upload a logo to appear throughout the system instead of the CallTrackingMetrics logo. Logos can be added at the account level.

Adding a New Account (Sub-Account)

If you are on the Advanced plan, you can add an unlimited number of sub-accounts within your agency. You can add a sub-account by navigating to Settings > Accounts.

Creating and Modifying Price Markups

Price markups (previously called Price Schedules) are available for Advanced plan users. Setting up price markups for your subaccounts will allow you to charge your customers at a marked-up rate.

Custom Domain Whitelabeling

Our Enterprise plan allows agencies to white label the CallTrackingMetrics software on their own domain and control the prices they charge their customers for use of the service.

Reseller Opportunities

We work with thousands of advertising agencies and marketing professionals to incorporate call tracking into their offerings for their clients and partners.

How to Get Your Agency Started

There are a few key steps to get your Agency or Enterprise agency account set up initially.  It should be pretty quick and painless but email us if we can be of assistance in any way.