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Programming Additional Data to an Activity for Google Analytics and CTM

How to program additional data points to an activity that will report in CTM and in Google Analytics. You can program data points to report in CTM and in Google Analytics for offline tracking sources and tracking numbers. These data points include: Source Medium Keyword  Content Campaign Id Campaign Device Other Desktops Mobile devices with

Bulk Text Messages

You can use your text-enabled tracking numbers to send bulk text messages through the CTM system. This is an easy way to quickly send a text message to a list of your customers.

Exit Phone Tracking

The exit phone tracking feature allows you to see logs of different events or adverse agent behaviors.   The exit phone tracking enhancements is a helpful feature when the company’s policies are setup to not allow the agent to ignore phone calls when the softphone is ringing  → Some agents will click “exit” button in order

Quick Link Filters

The quick links filters allows you to set up some custom filters and replace the default filter of Calls and Texts When in desk mode you have access to default filters “Voice & Text” but now you have options to change the filter links By using the Teams setting you can manage the quick link

Sending and Receiving Text Messages

If you have text-enabled numbers in your account, you can send and receive text messages (SMS and MMS) through your text log.  This article will cover sending or replying to single text messages (messages with a single recipient).  For more information about bulk text messaging, see the full article here. Text messages are broken into

Short Codes

An SMS short code is a five or six-digit phone number that is used by businesses to enroll consumers in SMS programs and send coupons, offers, promotions, and other messages via SMS. Sometimes they are known as as a CSC, which stands for “Common Short Code”.  Our customers can now purchase Dedicated short codes for

Keyword Spotting

Call transcription is an exciting feature that transforms the audio of your calls into speaker organized scripts.

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