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  • How to Source Hold Music

    There are several online sources you can use that make it easy to browse, license, and download audio files for hold music.

  • Run a call center? Here’s how to handle the holidays.

    The holidays are quickly approaching, which means sales, support, and customer service teams are scrambling to answer a flurry of customer calls, emails, and chat messages.

  • How to prepare your contact center for the holidays

    This year, after you end your conversation with customer service, consider how that agent is spending their holiday. And on another level, their manager, whose job is to ensure that agents are available to help you the moment you pick up the phone, even on a national holiday.

  • How Long® Fence and Home migrated their call center to the cloud

    For a national company, making the switch from hardwired telecom technology to cloud infrastructure can be an incredibly daunting task.

  • Should I supplement my call tracking account with Professional Services?

    The support we provide is one of our greatest assets, and it’s so important to each one of us that our clients are happy and successful in our platform.  – Trisha Hand, Implementation Engineer   We love supporting our customers, and they come in all sizes—from small businesses, to marketing agencies, to globally-connected call centers.

  • Why should I integrate call tracking with Salesforce?

    Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool that many of our customers are using, and we're proud to have a complex integration with it.

  • Send Appointment Reminders with CallTrackingMetrics

    Triggers, combined with the custom fields you build into your CTM account, can now be used to send automated appointment reminders to your contacts.

  • Which tools are most useful for a contact center manager?

    Managers of contact centers have a difficult job; they need to manage their agents, their callers, and the productivity of their team. Do tools like barge and drop call help them perform? We asked an expert to find out.

  • The Votes Are In: We’re a Leader!

    Thanks to your reviews, we've been voted as a leader in Inbound Call Tracking on G2 Crowd, the world's leading business solution review platform.

  • Is the new Contact Center Plan truly a disruptive software?

    Resident expert Mark Nugent explains how our new contact center software is truly disruptive in the industry, in that it turns the old standard pricing models completely upside down.

  • The New Agency Dashboard: A Manager’s Home Base

    Now, the live reporting screen can be toggled into Manager Mode. What's that? It's a condensed format that displays the activity of your group of agents in the top half of the screen, while the bottom half of the screen will show a card view of each of agent in your pool.

  • It Just Got Easier to Manage Live Calls

    We know that there are different levels of responsibility and access within a contact center, so we've adjusted our technology to adapt to that structure. Contact Center accounts now have the ability to adjust voice analysis and live call settings as either "agents" or "managers".