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Call Log

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Custom Actions

Custom actions allow you to add buttons to the softphone or the call log.  The custom buttons can be configured to transfer calls to a specific phone number or specific agent automatically, or can act as shortcuts to perform specific tasks. Custom actions are available on Call Center accounts. Creating a Custom Action 1) Navigate

Desk Mode

Desk mode enables a view that embeds the softphone in the call log screen.  Agents can easily make or accept calls, edit notes, and update other call details from a single page. Desk mode is a user preference and can be activated as a default view in a user’s profile by following the steps below. 

Call Quality Insights

Call quality insights can be found in the call flow panel in your call log.  This report will give a detailed analysis of network quality and audio levels detected during your call.

Call Log Details

Call Log Details: A number of valuable tools can be found in this panel, as well as extra information about the web visitor associated with the call.

Emailing a Call

The email function in your call log can be used to send a message to someone containing a note and a link back to the call. This is a great way to share or discuss particular calls with other members of your team.

Visitor Detail Panel

When the tracking script captures session data for a visitor, the full details of that data can be viewed from this expanded detail panel.

Contact Information Panel

Each call in the call log will display the caller ID information associated with that caller, including the name, phone number and location of the caller.

Dial Status

In the Call Log, there is a “Metrics” column that displays the Time Stamp and the Status of each call. Here is what each status means.

Using Tags to Organize Calls

You have the ability to either manually enter tags in for each of your calls or to set up tags to automatically be applied to calls based on defined criteria.