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  • CTM ROI Reporting: The Complete Advertising Performance Picture

    Giving advertisers, affiliates and publishers powerful data to prioritize spending, uncover conversion issues, and project the revenue impact of adding/subtracting spend in each channel.

  • Level up Your Phone Call Tracking in 2016: Call Scoring and Post Call Surveys

    While it’s fantastic that your phone is ringing off the hook, do you know which of your campaigns are bringing in the best qualified leads and what calls are converting into sales?

  • Updated Notifications – Now available for export in html, csv and xls

    We've heard your requests and now you can export your daily, weekly and monthly call notifications in html, csv and xls.

  • CallTrackingMetrics New Export Feature

    After many requests from our Agency and Franchise clients CallTrackingMetrics is happy to announce a new export feature.

  • Google’s Advanced Call Reporting– What to know

    Whether you're looking for a dinner recipe, concert tickets, or helping your kids with their homework, all you need to do is "google it" and within seconds you have the world at your fingertips.

  • Refine Google Goals and Conversions to Unique Callers

    As you may know by now, CallTrackingMetrics makes it really easy to sync your incoming phone calls into Analytics as Events and then into Adwords as Conversions.

  • Introducing Website Target Numbers

    We wanted to let everyone know about an important change we made to the system over the weekend. You may recall how you used to have to enter “custom formats” to your receiving numbers if the phone number that appears on your website is different than your receiving number and you wanted the number to

  • New Agency Call Tracking Dashboard

    Looking for a call tracking dashboard that shows both your agency-wide performance as well as client by client metrics?

  • Auto-Tag by Business Hours

    Wouldn't it be nice to quickly see which of your calls occurred during or outside of business hours?

  • New Account Usage Report for Agencies

    Over the weekend, we rolled out a new report for agencies: an “account usage” report. This report allows you to see how much each of your accounts is spending as well as call, minutes and tracking number statistics on a monthly basis.

  • December New Release

    We are excited to announce the release of a new set of features for Call Tracking Metrics users.

  • Linking Visitor Data to Call Data

    Call Tracking Metrics, aims to solve a very simple problem. Where are my phone calls coming from? The question, is fairly easy to answer with many phone numbers and by segmenting your traffic.   This is what Call Tracking Metrics does, it dynamically changes the phone number on your website to reflect the source of