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Call Routing

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Calls Per Second (CPS)

alls Per Second (or CPS) refers to how many simultaneous connections can be created in a second using CallTrackingMetrics routing.

Running Auto Dialers

Existing auto dialers in your account can be viewed on the auto dialer overview page.  This page will list each dialer you have created, the dialer mode, the associated queue, dialer schedule, and status information for the dialer. To learn how to create a dialer, click here.  In order for a dialer to run, you

Adding and Managing Auto Dialer Contacts

Once your auto dialer has been created and saved, you may upload contacts to dial.  Click here to learn how to create a dialer before proceeding to upload contacts. Uploading Numbers to Dial Contacts can be added to the dialer by uploading a csv file or by manually adding a list of numbers. 1) After

No Answer Routing

You’ll find that there are times where you may want to have special routing for unanswered calls. In our system you have multiple options for how to answer these.

Set a Fallback Receiving Number

For each of your Receiving Numbers, you can set up a fallback Receiving Number that will get calls if the primary Receiving Number does not pick up within a certain amount of time.

Creating Voice Menus (IVRs)

You can present your callers with a greeting that can offer them keypress options to be routed to different actions by using our Voice Menus (IVR Menu).

Receiving Voicemail in CTM

You can use CTM to create various call flows where your callers are presented with options for leaving messages for different groups or people in your office, like a virtual mailbox.

Smart Routing

Smart Routers allow you to directly route callers based on information that can be immediately gathered about them, such as whether they are a repeat caller, their estimated location, and more.