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Call Settings

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Secure Call Transcription (PCI, SSN, PII Detection & Redaction)

Secure call transcriptions allow the system to detect when credit card information, social security information, or phone numbers are spoken during a call, tag the call appropriately, and redact that data from your call transcriptions and associated call recording.

Enhanced Caller ID

While basic caller ID is included in all our plans at no additional cost, we also offer the option of using our Enhanced Caller ID for your incoming phone calls in the US and Canada.


Call triggers can be used to automatically take your call data and use it to create workflows, such as applying a tag to a call or setting a dollar value for the call.

Call Recordings

Call recordings are included at no additional cost through all of our plans. Calls will be recorded as soon as the phone is answered.

Receiving Party Whispers

You can set up two different types of whispers that the person picking up the phone will hear when a call comes through your tracking numbers.

Caller ID Settings

On the call settings page, you have the option to configure your Caller ID.

After Hours Message for Callers

If you would like to play a different message to your callers when they call your office after your business closes, you would go through the following steps.