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  • The Ultimate Guide to Driving Success in Your Contact Center

    Explore the tools managers can use to increase contact center agent productivity, and in turn, improve customer experience.

  • Smart dialing software: Powering more than just robocalls

    Most people think of those annoying robotic spam calls when they think of a smart dialer. However, there are multiple ways to utilize an automated dialing system to better serve customers, while saving your live agent resources.

  • Which tools are most useful for a contact center manager?

    Managers of contact centers have a difficult job; they need to manage their agents, their callers, and the productivity of their team. Do tools like barge and drop call help them perform? We asked an expert to find out.

  • How to compare unlimited users versus per-seat pricing

    In today's marketplace, there are many providers of contact center management software, each offering a unique combination of features and fees. Those who offer per-seat pricing, in which the monthly rates change based on the number of people who utilize the software, can often advertise appealingly low rates.

  • Day 5: Contact Center Tools [unedited recording]

    Contact Center Tools Designed for users of Contact Center Plans We know your time is valuable; that’s why each lesson is a concentrated working session designed to get you up-to-speed as quickly as possible. This session will cover:  FormReactor Desk Mode Softphone Agent Call Scripts The Smart Dialer Call Log Optimization Salesforce Integration

  • Is the new Contact Center Plan truly a disruptive software?

    Resident expert Mark Nugent explains how our new contact center software is truly disruptive in the industry, in that it turns the old standard pricing models completely upside down.