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Dynamic Number Insertion

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Target Numbers

Target numbers are the phone numbers we will look for on your website and dynamically change/swap to a tracking number.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

Dynamic Number Insertion refers to the process where our tracking code dynamically displays a tracking number to your website visitors based on the advertising source of the visit.

Testing Number Swapping

When you first go to your site to see if the dynamic number swapping is working, you will be cookied. The dynamic tracking code will remember the first source you used to reach your site.

Swapping Numbers in Images

If your phone number on your website is a graphic, there is some re-tooling you will need to do to get it to swap with the CTM code.

Troubleshooting Number Swapping

When testing your number swapping, there are a few things you want to double check to be sure that your test is accurate and that your configurations are set up correctly in your account.

How to Prevent Number Swapping

By default, the tracking code looks for the target number on your website. When the code finds your target number, it will swap it to the appropriate tracking number.