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  • How important is call tracking in the world of digital marketing?

    We find that digital marketing agencies are particularly well-served by our platform. They're able to pick and choose from a robust feature set that supports their business model extremely well. Jason Smith, a senior member of our sales team, has spent the last few years helping digital marketers get the most out of CallTrackingMetrics.

  • How do I use CallTrackingMetrics from outside of the United States?

    We pride ourselves in our global reach; compared to other call tracking and management software, we reach far beyond the rest into more than 80 countries! There's always room to grow, so we're still constantly striving to add tracking numbers in new countries, while deepening our connections into existing partner countries.

  • Expand Global Reach with More Text-to-Speech Options

    There have been very little advancements in text-to-speech technology over the last 5 years, so we are excited to announce a series of new text-to-speech voice input options (37 to be exact).  These specialized voice engines are toned to a specific region, such as Joanna – US English, Nicole -Australian English, and Penélope – US Spanish.  Unlike

  • CallTrackingMetrics Expands International Coverage

    CallTrackingMetrics now offers tracking phone numbers in 74 countries including local and toll free numbers in Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil.

  • Announcing GeoContact

    We are excited to announce the latest enhancement to CallTrackingMetrics' dynamic number insertion technology: GeoContact.

  • Geo-Routing: Your Call Efficiency Wizard

    Nobody likes being constantly put on hold, transferred from one department or location to another, and having to repeat the same information again and again just to be put in touch with the person who can help you.

  • Now Accepting Canadian Ports

    For those who aren't familiar yet with porting, it is the process of moving phone numbers from one phone carrier to another.

  • Local is the New Global

    Google is now telling us that the key to success is in hyper-local targeting and activity.

  • Now serving 20 new countries

    We are now providing our call tracking service in 20 new countries– with more to come across the next month. We have had many requests to provide our services in other countries outside of the US and Canada. We are excited to announce that we are now providing local tracking numbers in the following additional countries: 

  • Call Tracking in Canada

    Businesses in the Toronto, Canada area are scrambling to get the remaining phone numbers with a 647 area code before a new area code goes into effect in early 2013.