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Short Codes

An SMS short code is a five or six-digit phone number that is used by businesses to enroll consumers in SMS programs and send coupons, offers, promotions, and other messages via SMS. Sometimes they are known as as a CSC, which stands for Common Short Code”. Using a short code offers many benefits for your

Keyword Spotting

Call transcription is an exciting feature that transforms the audio of your calls into speaker organized scripts.

Troubleshooting Calls with No Audio

Even with call recording enabled in your account, you may see several calls with no associated audio files.  This is often expected, depending on your settings, but can also indicate a problem with your call settings configuration.  This article will go over the most common causes for “no audio” calls.   No Talk Time Unless

Verified Caller ID

Adding verified caller IDs allows you to use your own number (such as your mobile number) rather than a tracking number in your account as your outbound caller ID.  When you add a new number, an automated phone call will be placed to that number and you will be prompted to enter a verification code shown

Troubleshooting Schedules

It can be helpful to think of schedules as an “if/then” rule that creates forking paths for your call route.  If you have a call that routes from a tracking number to a queue of agents, applying a schedule to the tracking number creates a forking path that either routes to the queue (during the schedule’s hours) or to an alternate path, such as a voicemail (when the schedule is not active).

Queue No Answer Routing

This article covers detailed queue settings information.  We recommend you start by following the instructions in this article before proceeding.  The options in the No Answer section of queue settings determine what happens to calls that are not answered by the agents assigned to the queue. By default, calls are terminated if no agents answer within

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